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our signature scents


this scent is inspired by the fragranced air of Sicily

from the salty Ionian sea, to the sweetness of the flowers and fruit that grow on the island

allow your mind to wander to a seaside café, sipping on a citrus drink overlooking the mediterranean

top notes | bergamot, lime, sea salt

heart notes | grapefruit, jasmine

base notes | amber

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this  scent combines the fragrance of fresh cut roses with woodsy cedar

allow your mind to wander to a fresh spring morning with soft delicate aromas, punchy freshness and spicy tones

top notes | bergamot, jasmine

heart notes | rose, summer breeze

base notes | sandalwood


this earthy, herbal and fresh scent encapsulates those natural fragrances that calm your mind

the rosemary improves your ability to focus while removing negative thoughts

allow your mind to clear while walking through a field at daybreak

top notes | thyme, cinnamon

heart notes | rosemary, lime

base notes | cedarwood 

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